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Adoptive Benefit

What is the Adoptive Benefit?

Adoptive Benefit assists employed or self-employed individuals on adoptive leave and covers them by PRSI (Pay Related Social Insurance). The benefit starts from the adoption date and requires a four-week notice to the employer.

How to qualify for Adoptive Benefit:

To qualify, pay PRSI at Class A, E, H, or S. For Class H Defence Forces members, the benefit isn't payable while in service. An adoption certificate is needed, you can request one using the Adoption Certificate Application Form and email the form to GROonlinepayments@welfare.ie to obtain a certificate.

Leave certification requires a certificate of placement (from your registered adoption agency or Tusla) or a Declaration of Suitability for overseas adoptions (from the Adoption Authority of Ireland) to receive leave credits fill in the Adoptive Leave Credits Form by your employer and submit it to the Adoptive Benefit Section (full address below).

Rates of Payment:

Adoptive Benefit provides €274/week for 24 weeks. The benefit is paid into a non-mortgage bank account. If you have dependents, you could receive a higher rate of Adoptive Benefit.


The benefit is taxable but not subject to USC or PRSI.

How to Apply:

Apply at least six weeks (employees) or 12 weeks (self-employed) before adoptive leave. Applications must be made within six months of adoption or the benefit may be forfeited. When you apply, your Adoptive Benefit rate (excluding increases for dependents) is compared to the rate of Illness Benefit (including increases for dependents) that would be paid if you were absent from work due to illness. The higher rate is paid to you.

Please return your completed application form to:

Adoptive Benefit Section
Address: Department of Social Protection,
McCarter's Road,
Co. Donegal,
F93 CH79

Website: www.gov.ie/adoptivebenefit
Email: AdoptiveBenefit@welfare.ie
Phone number: 0818 690690 or + 353 1 4715898