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Injury Benefit

What is Injury Benefit?

Injury Benefit is a weekly payment made to employees who become unfit for work due to an accident at work, an accident during direct travel to or from work, or a disease that's been contracted as a direct result of their work.

How to qualify for Injury Benefit:

To qualify you must:

  • Be unfit for work for more than three days, excluding Sundays or paid holiday leave. The period of unfitness for work doesn't include the day of the accident but starts from the following day.
  • At the time of the accident or contraction of the occupational disease, you must have been employed under a contract of service or apprenticeship that is insurable at social insurance (PRSI) classes A, D, J or M.

  • Even if you're unfit for work for three days or less, it's recommended to register a claim to provide evidence of an occupational accident. This protects your future rights to benefits under the Occupational Injuries Benefit Scheme as an illness or disability can develop at a later date.

    Rates of Payment:

    Age/Dependent’s Age Weekly Payment Rate
    Under 66 €232.00
    66 and Over €239.30
    Increase for a Qualified Adult under 66 €146.00
    Increase for a Qualified Adult 66 and Over €158.80
    Full Rate for a QUalified Child Under 12 €42.00
    Full Rate for a Qualified Child Over 12 €50.00
    Half Rate for a Qualified Child Under 12 €21.00
    Half Rate for a Qualified Child Over 12 €25.00

    A qualified adult: a spouse or partner whose income is below a certain level.

    A qualified child: a child who must live with the recipient in the State, be the correct age for the payment being claimed, and not be in legal custody.


    Some or all of your Injury Benefit payment may be liable to income tax, but this does not include increases paid for any dependent children. The Department of Social Protection pays the Injury Benefit without deducting tax, but notifies the Revenue of the taxable amount of Injury Benefit for income tax purposes. Social insurance (PRSI) and USC are not charged on Injury Benefit payments.

    Education and Training Courses:

    It's important to note that you can't undertake a training or educational course or do voluntary work without prior written approval from the Department of Social Protection. You must apply to the Injury Benefit Section for this approval.

    How to Apply:

    You should apply for Injury Benefit within 6 weeks of becoming ill, otherwise you may lose this benefit. Claims for Injury Benefit are normally made on Illness Benefit and Injury Benefit (IB1) form and accompanying ‘Certificate of Incapacity for Work’ which you can get from your doctor.

    A ‘Certificate of Incapacity for Work’ can be provided in paper form (purple coloured certificate) or, in some practices, this can be completed and submitted online by the doctor.

    When the doctor has completed an ‘Online Certificate of Incapacity for Work’, the doctor will provide the customer with a receipt for your own/employer’s records.

    Your last 'Certificate of Incapacity for Work’ should be marked as final by your doctor before you go back to work. If it is not, you should notify the department by email at ClosemyIBclaim@welfare.ie or using the phone numbers below.

    The claim form and ‘Certificate of Incapacity for Work’ (if ‘Online Certificate of Incapacity for Work’ has not been submitted by a doctor) should be submitted to along with your form:

    Health and Safety Benefit Section
    Address: Department of Social Protection,
    Co. Donegal,
    F93 CH79

    Email: HandSBenefit@welfare.ie
    Phone number: 01 4715898 or 0818 690690