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Child Benefit

What is Child Benefit?

Child Benefit is a non-taxable monthly payment given to the parents or guardians of children under 16. It is also available for children aged 16-17, provided they're in full-time education or training, or if they have a disability and can't support themselves.

It is typically paid to the mother or step-mother, although the father or step-father can also receive it if the child lives with them. People other than parents can also receive the benefit if they are caring for the child.

How to qualify for Child Benefit:

To qualify for Child Benefit, you must live in Ireland and satisfy the Habitual Residence Condition Application Form (HRC1).

You should apply for Child Benefit:
  • within 12 months of the birth of your baby,
  • the month the child joined your family,
  • the month your family came to live in Ireland, or
  • the date you started working in Ireland if your children are living in another EU country.

  • The rules for Child Benefit remained unchanged following Brexit. For example, if you work in the UK and live in Ireland, you will continue to receive your UK Child Benefit and a top-up of Irish Child Benefit.

    Non-EU/EEA citizens must meet the habitual residence condition to qualify for Child Benefit in Ireland. If they're legally working in Ireland, they may qualify if their child resides in Ireland or another EU state.

    Rates of Payment:

    Child Benefit is €140 a month for each child, paid on the first Tuesday of every month. For twins, the payment is one-and-a-half times the normal monthly rate for each child. For triplets and other multiple births, it's double the normal monthly rate for each child.

    Child Benefit is universal, meaning it's not affected by your income level or social insurance (PRSI) record

    Fraudulent claims for Child Benefit can lead to prosecution, potentially resulting in fines, prison, or both.

    Changes in Circumstances

    Change of address, a child no longer living with you, or a child aged 16 or 17 leaving full-time education, among others, must be reported to the DSP in writing using Child Benefit - change of events Application Form (CB56).

    How to Apply:

    Applying for Child Benefit after a child's birth involves registering the birth within 3 months. The DSP then initiates a Child Benefit claim. If the child was not born in Ireland or wasn't registered within 3 months, you must fill in the Child Benefit CB1 form.

    For a child aged 16 or 17, you'll need to fill in Child Benefit for 16 or 17 year-olds Form (CB2) one month before the child's 16th birthday.

    Child Benefit Section
    Address: Department of Social Protection,
    Social Welfare Services Office,
    St Oliver Plunkett Road,
    Co Donegal,
    F92 T449

    Opening Hours: You can only contact this office by email or telephone.
    Email: Child.benefit@welfare.ie
    Tel: (074) 916 4496 or 0818 300600