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Habitual Residence Condition

What is the Habitual Residence Condition?

The Habitual Residence Condition (HRC) is a criterion that applicants must meet to qualify for certain social welfare payments in Ireland. This term is not explicitly defined in Irish law, but generally it indicates that a person has proven close ties with Ireland, has resided in Ireland for some time, and plans to stay in Ireland for the foreseeable future.

Here are some payments that require the applicant to meet the HRC:

The HRC applies to any person applying for these payments, regardless of nationality. If an applicant is applying for a payment which includes an increase for a qualified adult or child, only the applicant needs to be considered habitually resident in the state.

How to Qualify for the Habitual Residence Condition (HRC):

To qualify, a person must:

  • Have the right to live in Ireland with permission to access social welfare services, and
  • Demonstrate habitual residency using the five factors outlined in legislation: length of residence, length and reason for absence, employment history, main centre of interest, and future intentions to live in Ireland as evidenced.

  • How to Apply:

    If you must satisfy the Habitual Residence Condition for a payment, you may be asked to fill out the Habitual Residence Condition Application Form (HRC1).