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Funeral Expenses Assistance

Supplementary Welfare Allowance assistance towards Funeral Expenses if you or your family are unable to cover the essential costs of funeral arrangements for the deceased, you can make an application for an Additional Needs Payment from the Community Welfare Service.

An Additional Needs Payment aims to help you meet essential expenses which you cannot reasonably be expected to pay out of your weekly income.

You and your family's ability to meet the funeral costs will be assessed by your local Intreo Centre. who will decide on your application based on your circumstances. This assessment will include any savings and insurance policies that the deceased person may have had to cover their own funeral costs.

Support will only be provided towards the requirements for a dignified funeral. You should consult with a funeral director before making any financial commitment on funeral arrangement costs. Exceptionally expensive and unnecessary additions to the funeral will not be considered under this assistance.

Applications can be made by using the SWA1 and SWA5 application forms.

If the department provides financial support, the payment can be made directly to the Funeral Director (see section 6 of the SWA 1 form – Nominated Payment).

The National Community Welfare Contact Centre can direct you to the appropriate office.

National Phone Line for Community Welfare Services

Phone number: 0818 607080

Supplementary Welfare Allowance Assistance towards Funeral Expenses (SWA5)