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Jobseeker's Benefit

What is a Jobseeker's Benefit?

Jobseeker's Benefit is a weekly payment from the government to people who are out of work and covered by social insurance (PRSI). This payment is for those who have lost their job and are actively looking for another. It is intended to provide temporary financial support while they seek new employment. cessing public services, including social welfare benefits, in Ireland.

How to Qualify for Jobseeker's Benefit:

To qualify for Jobseeker's Benefit, you must:

  • Be fully or partly unemployed.
  • Be under 66 years of age.
  • Be capable of, available for, and genuinely seeking full-time work
  • Be unemployed for at least 4 days out of every 7.
  • Have enough paid PRSI contributions at class A, H, or P.
  • PRSI Contribution Conditions:

  • You must have paid at least 104 PRSI insurable employment contributions at Class A, H, or P, or at least 156 PRSI self-employment contributions at Class S.
  • You must have either 39 PRSI contributions paid from employment or credited in the governing contribution year (at least 13 of these contributions must be paid from employment in the governing contribution year, the two years before this, the last year or the current tax year), or 26 PRSI contributions paid in the governing contribution year and 26 paid in the year immediately before this.
  • Rates of Payment:

    Your rate of payment will depend on your average weekly earnings in the governing contribution year.

    Payment Type Full Weekly Payment Half Weekly Payment
    Base Rate €220.00
    Qualified Adult €146.00
    Qualified Child (under 12) €42.00 €21.00
    Qualified Child (12 and over) €50.00 €25.00

    If you were working part-time during the governing contribution year and your average earnings were less than €300 a week, you will not qualify for the full rate of payment. The reduced rates of payment are as follows:

    Average Weekly Earnings Personal Rate of Payment
    Less than €150 €98.70/week
    €150 - €219.99 €141.90/week
    €220 - €299.99 €172.30/week
    €300 or more €220.00/week

    You may get an increased rate of payment for a qualified adult and qualified children.

    If you're 65 years old, you're paid using the maximum rate of Jobseeker’s Benefit regardless of your part-time employment status.

    How to Apply:

    You can apply for Jobseeker’s Allowance by completing the application form.

    You can also apply for Jobseeker’s Allowance by going to your local Intreo Centre

    Please bring:

  • identification – your public service card, passport or driving licence
  • proof of your address – a utility bill or letter from a government department
  • evidence of your income, including bank statements
  • You should apply as soon as you become unemployed otherwise you could lose some payment.

    If you are making a repeat claim (less than 6 months since your last claim), you should complete a repeat claim form known as Jobseeker's Repeat Claim Application Form (UP6).

    You can apply even if you do not have all of the documents, but you cannot get a decision on your application until you have provided all of the documents.

    If you start part-time/casual/short-time work

    Your employer needs to complete the Employer Declaration (UP80). This form can be downloaded and filled in from a device. When your employer completes the form you need to return it to your local Intreo Centre.


    You can appeal a decision if you are unhappy with it. You should appeal within 21 days of the decision and you can ask for an oral hearing.

    An appeals officer, whose decision is final, will then decide your case. Some cases can be decided without an oral hearing.

    If new information comes to light or your circumstances change, you can apply for Jobseeker's Benefit again.

    Jobseeker's Allowance or Benefit (UP1)