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State Pension (Contributory)

What is the State Pension (Contributory)?

The State Pension (Contributory) in Ireland is a social insurance benefit that you may be eligible for when you reach 66 years of age, provided you have made sufficient social insurance (PRSI) contributions.

  • It's not means-tested.
  • It's not affected by other income you might have.
  • It's not affected by a pension from a previous employer.

  • How to qualify for the State Pension (Contributory):

    To qualify you must have:

  • Entered insurable employment before turning 56.
  • Paid at least 520 full-rate PRSI contributions since starting insurable employment, or paid at least 260 full-rate contributions if you turned 66 before April 6, 2012.
  • You can continue to work full time after reaching the qualifying age for this pension.

    PRSI Contributions:

    The PRSI contributions can be:

  • Full Rate Employment contributions (Class A), which are considered as full-rate contributions for State Pension (Contributory) purposes.
  • Self-employed contributions (Class S), which are also full-rate contributions for State Pension (Contributory) purposes.
  • If you've worked or lived abroad, you may still qualify for a State Pension (Contributory) even if you don't qualify based on contributions paid in Ireland. If you've paid PRSI in another country, you may receive a proportion of a full pension.

    Rates of Payment:

    Once you qualify, the rate of payment depends on the number of PRSI contributions you've made.

    You may qualify for a higher rate of payment if you've spent time out of work due to unemployment, illness, child care, or other eligible activities.

    The payment comprises a personal rate and any applicable increases or allowances. Increases or allowances include:

  • Increased rate for a Qualified Adult (usually your spouse or civil partner)
  • Increased rate for a Qualified Child
  • Living Alone Increase
  • Age 80 Allowance
  • Fuel Allowance
  • Telephone Support Allowance
  • Increase for Living on a Specified Island

  • Maximum Weekly Personal Rates (from January 6, 2023) are:

  • Age 66 to 79 years: yearly contribution average of 48 or more: €265.30
  • 80 years and over: yearly contribution average of 48 or more: €275.30

  • Your pension rate is calculated based on whether you've been assessed using a Yearly Average method or Aggregated Contributions Method. You can learn more about how the department calculates your pension rate and the rate of pensions paid here.


    The pension is taxable, but if it's your only income, you're unlikely to pay tax on it.

    How to Apply:

  • You should apply 3 months before your 66th birthday.
  • If you paid social insurance contributions in more than one country, you should apply 6 months before your 66th birthday.

  • You can also get this form from your local Intreo Centre.

    Please return your completed application form and relevant supporting documents to:

    State Pension (Contributory) Section

    Address: Social Welfare Services,
    Department of Social Protection,
    College Road,
    Co Sligo,
    F91 T384

    Website: www.gov.ie/SPC
    Email: state.con@welfare.ie
    Phone number: 071 9157100 or 0818 200400

    Claiming an EU Pension

    If you wish to claim an EU pension please click here.

    State Pension (Contributory) (SPC1)