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Additional Needs Payment

What is the Additional Needs Payment?

The Additional Needs Payment assists with the necessary costs that a person or household cannot afford with their weekly income.

How to qualify for the Additional Needs Payment:

This payment may be available not only to individuals receiving social welfare payments but also to those who are working and have a low income, irrespective of their working hours. The qualification for this payment takes into account various factors including:

  • Weekly household income
  • Savings and investments
  • Household expenses
  • The type of assistance needed
  • Additional Needs Payments can cover a variety of costs, including:

  • Increased cost of heating and electricity
  • Essential repairs to property and replacing household appliances and furniture
  • Deposits for private rented accommodation
  • Furniture, bedding, and other items for those setting up a home for the first time
  • Funeral costs
  • Recurring travel expenses for hospital appointments or visiting relatives in hospital or prison
  • Immediate needs following an emergency event such as a house fire
  • Other additional exceptional needs as they arise
  • The payment does not cover non-essential household or personal expenses or costs that fall under the responsibility of another government department or agency.

    Rates of Payment:

    There is no fixed rate for the Additional Needs Payment; it depends on the applicant's weekly household income and the type of assistance required.

    Weekly household income guidelines, for example, could be:

    Family Situation Weekly Payment
    Single person €444.00
    Couple, no children €544.00
    One child €645.00
    Two children €746.00
    Three children €847.00
    Four children €938.00
    Five children €1,064.00
    Six children €1,180.00
    Seven children €1,316.00
    Eight children or More €1,412.00

    These income guidelines, however, do not restrict the discretion of Community Welfare Officers when issuing Additional Needs Payments to assist individuals or households in unique hardship circumstances.

    How to Apply:

    To apply please send or bring the completed Additional Needs Payment (SWA1) form, along with the relevant supporting documents, to your local Intreo Centre. You can also get this form at your local Intreo Centre.

    To help process your claim, you should have the following:

  • Personal Public Service (PPS) Number (REG1) for yourself, your spouse, civil partner or cohabitant and your children
  • proof of address
  • proof of residency (where relevant)
  • proof of identity, for example, a Public Services Card (PSC) (if you have one), a passport, driving licence, work permit, Irish residence permit
  • documents to show your income and financial situation, such as payslips and bank statements
  • Contact: Additional Needs Payment
    Phone number: 0818 607080