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Incapacity Supplement

What is Incapacity Supplement?

Incapacity Supplement is an additional payment made to individuals receiving Disablement Benefit Application Form (OB21) who have permanently lost their ability to work due to a work-related accident or illness. However, it is only paid to those who do not qualify for certain other social welfare payments.

How to qualify for Incapacity Supplement:

An individual can only qualify for the Incapacity Supplement if they do not qualify for Illness Benefit (IB1), Invalidity Pension (INV1), or Disability Allowance (DA1). Importantly, this supplement is not means-tested.

Rates of Payment:

The rates for the Incapacity Supplement vary depending on the recipient's age and the payment includes extra amounts for a qualified adult and any qualified dependent children.

A qualified adult: a spouse or partner whose income is below a certain level.

A qualified child: a child who must live with the recipient in the State, be the correct age for the payment being claimed, and not be in legal custody.

How to Apply:

If you already receive Disablement Benefit (OB21) you can become eligible for Incapacity Supplement.

The deciding officer will assess if you are incapable of work due to an injury or illness you suffered in your previous job. This involves getting a medical report.

If you don't receive any other social welfare payments, the deciding officer will arrange for a claim form for Incapacity Supplement to be sent to you.

Return your completed application form to:

Disablement Benefit Section
Address: Department of Social Protection,
Social Welfare Services Office,
Government Buildings,
Ballinalee Road,
Co. Longford,
N39 E4E0

Email: WorkRelatedDisablementBenefit@welfare.ie
Phone number: +353 43 3340000 or 0818 927770

Disablement Benefit (OB21)