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Personal Public Service Number

What is the Personal Public Service (PPS) Number?

A Personal Public Service (PPS) Number is a unique identifier for individuals who interact with the Irish government and its agencies. It is a crucial element for accessing public services, including social welfare benefits, in Ireland.

The PPS Number consists of seven numerical digits followed by one or two alphabetic characters.

To obtain a PPS Number, you need to provide the following:

  • Evidence of your identity: The documents required for this vary depending on your citizenship status. Generally, you may need your birth certificate, passport, driving licence, or other specific documents.
  • Evidence of why you need a PPS Number: You might require a PPS Number for several reasons, such as starting a job, applying for social welfare payments, accessing medical services, applying for or exchanging a driver's licence, registering for a course in a school or college, or accessing other public services. If you're applying for a PPS Number to work in Ireland, you need to provide a signed employment offer from your employer, confirming the job's start date.
  • Evidence of your address: You must provide a document showing your current address, and it should not be older than three months. This could be a utility bill, an official letter or document, a financial statement, a property lease or tenancy agreement, or a confirmation of address by a third party.
  • It's important to note that some documents like baptismal certificates, employment identity cards, personal letters, and expired documents are not accepted as evidence of identity.

    For employment, you don't need a PPS Number to search for work or receive a job offer; you only need it once you have accepted an offer and are due to start work.

    Applying for a PPS Number for a child:

    Children born in the Republic of Ireland are usually given a PPS Number when their birth is registered with the General Register Office (GRO). This means you do not need to apply for a PPS Number for a child born in the state. However, if the birth is not registered within 3 months, a parent or guardian must make an application.

    PPS Numbers for children living in, but not born in the Republic of Ireland, must be applied for by the parent or guardian. One of the parents or guardians must have a PPS Number for the child to be registered.

    The parent or guardian should complete the Personal Public Service (PPS) Number (for a child aged under 18) Application Form (REGM1) for a PPS Number for their child aged under 18 years, and provide evidence of:

  • their own identity
  • the identity of the child
  • evidence of address
  • why a PPS Number is needed
  • the relationship between the parent or guardian and the child
  • You should submit the completed PPS Number application for the child to your nearest PPS Number Allocation Centre.

    After you have submitted the application, and once everything is in order, the department will post a letter to you with details of the PPS Number.

    Applying for a PPS Number if you are living outside Ireland:

    If you are living outside Ireland and need a PPS Number to interact with a state agency in Ireland such as the Office of the Revenue Commissioners or other government departments, you need to complete Personal Public Service (PPS) Number Application Form (REG1) and also provide:

  • evidence of your address
  • evidence of your identity
  • evidence of why you need a PPS Number
  • Personal Public Service (PPS) Number Exceptional Application Form
  • Personal Public Service (PPS) Number Third Party Consent Form signed by you if the PPS Number is to be given to a third party representative, for example, a solicitor or accountant.
  • Personal Public Service (PPS) Number Questionnaire Form
  • Completed forms should be emailed to CIS@welfare.ie or posted to:

    Department of Social Protection Leitrim

    Address: Department of Social Protection,
    Shannon Lodge,
    Carrick on Shannon,
    N41 KD81


    If you have any queries about your PPS Number application, please contact your local PPS Number Allocation Centre.