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Disability Allowance

What is the Disability Allowance?

Disability Allowance assists individuals with a disability and is available from the age of 16. If an individual is in education when they turn 16, they can continue to attend school while receiving this allowance.

How to qualify for Disability Allowance:

To qualify for Disability Allowance, an individual must:

  • Have an injury, disease, or physical or mental disability that has lasted or may be expected to last for at least one year
  • Be substantially restricted from doing work that would otherwise be suitable for a person of their age, experience, and qualifications
  • Be aged between 16 and 66. Once an individual reaches 66, they no longer qualify for Disability Allowance but may be eligible for a State Pension (Contributory) Application Form (SPC1)
  • Satisfy a means test and habitual residence conditions

  • Payments for Couples:

    If both individuals in a married, civil partnership, or cohabiting couple qualify for Disability Allowance, each person will get the weekly personal rate.

    Means Testing for Employed Individuals:

    If a person receiving Disability Allowance takes up employment or self-employment, they will be subject to means testing:

  • The first €165 of weekly income from that employment (after deduction of PRSI, pension contributions, and union dues) is disregarded
  • 50% of their weekly earnings between €165 and €375 are then disregarded
  • Any further earnings, over €375 per week, are fully assessed

  • Rates of Payment:

    Paid weekly either directly to a personal account or collected at a Post Office.

    Weekly Rate
    Personal Rate €232.00
    Extra for Dependent Adult €154.00
    Extra for a Dependent Child Under 12 €46.00 (€23.00 in some cases)
    Extra for a Dependent Child Over 12 €54.00 (€27.00 in some cases)


    Disability Allowance is fully exempt from income tax, PRSI, and USC.

    How to Apply:

    Fill in the Disability Allowance Application Form (DA1) .

    You can also get this form at your local Intreo Centre.

    Please send your completed application form and supporting documents to:

    Disability Allowance Section
    Address: Department of Social Protection,
    Social Welfare Services Office,
    Government Buildings,
    Ballinalee Road,
    Co. Longford,
    N39 E4E0

    Website: www.gov.ie/DA
    Email: DA_InetInfo@welfare.ie
    Phone number: +353 43 3340000 or 0818 927770