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Certificate notice:

  • The HSE have resumed issuing certificates on the HSE website.
  • The General Register Office can only complete new orders for certificates, and do not have any access to orders already processed by the HSE.

  • There may be a waiting period due to the significant increase in demand.

    How to Order Certificates:

    You can order a:

    No Trace Letter:

    If you need proof that you were not married in Ireland, or proof that someone else was not born, married or died in Ireland, the General Register Office can provide you with a certified letter indicating that there is no evidence of an entry for a person in our registers.

    This letter is called a “No Trace Letter” and costs €20, (this fee includes the search and issue of the “No Trace” letter).

    A pay by link request will be issued upon receipt and examination of your enquiry.
    Please email them at GRO@welfare.ie with details of the entry you require.

    Multilingual Standard Forms (MSF):

    If you require a multilingual standard form you must order this with the certificate.

    A Multilingual Standard Form (MSF) can be obtained when ordering certificates from the General Register Office only, and can be used when presenting certificates to authorities in an EU member state. MSFs should accompany certificates to avoid translation requirements.

    The General Register Office will contact you with a pay link when the record has been found. When you have completed the online payment, your certificate will be posted to the address nominated in your email.