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Jobseeker's Transitional Payment

What is the Jobseeker's Transitional Payment?

Jobseeker’s Transitional Payment (JST) is a special arrangement under the Jobseeker’s Allowance scheme for single parents with young children. It's a means-tested payment designed to support parents in transitioning back into the workforce, by allowing more flexible working conditions compared to regular Jobseeker’s Allowance (UP1).

How to Qualify for Jobseeker's Transitional Payment:

You may qualify for this payment if you:

  • Are capable of work. .
  • Are under 66 years old (at 66 you become eligible for the State Pension).
  • Are the parent, step-parent, adoptive parent, or legal guardian of a relevant child (a child under the relevant age limit).
  • Are the main carer of at least one relevant child who lives with you.
  • Do not cohabit with a partner.
  • Satisfy a means test.
  • If you are separated, divorced, or your civil partnership is dissolved, you must have been living apart for at least three months before you apply for JST.

    You cannot get JST if you have joint equal custody of a child or children.

    Changes when Your Youngest Child Turns 14:

    When your youngest child turns 14, the normal Jobseeker’s Allowance conditions will apply to you. This means you will need to be available for and genuinely seeking full-time work.

    Education and Work Conditions:

    You are allowed to take part in a course or education and still receive JST. Depending on your eligibility, you may also get a student maintenance grant from SUSI – Student Universal Support Ireland.

    You do not need to be fully unemployed for four out of seven days. This allows you to work part-time for up to five days and still get JST, subject to the means test.

    Rates of Payment:

    The rate for Jobseeker’s Transitional Payment is €220 a week, plus the rate for any qualified child(ren).

    New Rental Disregard:

    A new statutory rental disregard of up to €269.23 per week (€14,000 per year) was introduced from 12 July 2022, which applies to rental income from renting out a room(s) in your home to someone who is not an employee or an immediate family member.

    How to Apply:

    To apply, fill in the form below and return it with the relevant supporting documents to your local Intreo Centre.

    Jobseeker's Transitional Payment (JST1)