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One-Parent Family Payment

What is the One-Parent Family Payment?

The One-Parent Family Payment is a monetary support provided to non-cohabiting parents under 66, whose youngest child is under 7.

The payment stops when the youngest child turns 7, except under certain circumstances.

  • If the parent receives Domiciliary Care Allowance Application Form (Dom Care 1), Blind Pension Application Form (BP1), or Carer's Allowance you will continue to receive the payment until your child turns 16.
  • If they've recently lost a spouse or civil partner then payment stops when your child turns 18.

  • How to qualify for One-Parent Family Payment:

    To be eligible, you need to meet several conditions: being under 66, being the primary carer of at least one relevant child who lives with you, satisfying a means test, and not cohabiting with a spouse, civil partner or cohabitant.

    If you are separated, divorced or your civil partnership is dissolved, you need to have been living apart for at least three months before applying.

    Rates of Payment:

    The maximum weekly rate is €232, plus any additional amounts for any qualified children. If the number of qualified children has increased since applying, fill in the One-Parent Family Payment Additional Child Application Form (OFP38) to receive additional payment.

    Rental Disregard:

    There is a new rental disregard up to €269.23 per week or €14,000 per year, applicable from 12 July 2022, for rental income from renting out a room(s) in your home to someone who isn't an employee or an immediate family member.

    How to Apply

    The timing of your application depends on your circumstances.
  • If you are widowed or a surviving civil partner, you should apply within three months of your spouse's or civil partner's death.
  • If you are single, you should apply within three months of your child's birth.
  • If you are separated, divorced or no longer in a civil partnership, you must have been living apart for three months and should apply within three to six months of your separation date.
  • If you are a prisoner's spouse or civil partner, you should apply after your spouse or civil partner has been in custody for at least six months without being sentenced, or upon the start of their sentence of at least six months.

  • To apply, fill in the form below and return it and any supporting documents to your local Intreo Centre.

    One-Parent Family Payment