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Pensions and +65s

Learn more about how the department calculates your pension rate and the rate of pensions paid

The rates on this page apply to those who qualify for a State Pension (Contributory) from 1 September 2012. Your rate of payment for the State Pension (Contributory) will be calculated using a ‘Yearly Average’ method or an ‘Aggregated Contributions Method’ (ACM).

Yearly Average Method

Under the Yearly average rule, your average is reached by combining social insurance contributions, both paid and credited, and dividing by the number of years between entry into the Social Insurance system and reaching pension age. The maximum rate of pension is payable to someone with a Yearly average between 10 and 48 contributions.

Yearly Average Contributions Personal Weekly Rate Increase for Qualified Adult Aged under 66 Increase for Qualified Adult Aged 66 or over
48 or over €265.30 €176.70 €237.80
40 - 47 €260.10 €168.20 €225.90
30 - 39 €238.50 €160.00 €214.20
20 - 29 €225.90 €149.70 €201.60
15 - 19 €172.90 €115.20 €154.40
10 - 14 €106.00 €70.20 €95.60

Aggregated Contributions Method

An Aggregated Contributions Method (ACM) arrangement has been in place since 30 March 2018 and is applicable to those with a date of birth on or after 1 September 1946. This approach has three elements to it:

  • Social Insurance Contributions (PRSI) paid while working
  • Homecaring periods awarded for time spent caring for children aged 12 or under or dependent relatives (subject to a max of 1040)
  • Credited contributions (credits) that are awarded for periods where a person is unable to work and claims a welfare payment e.g. Illness Benefit or Jobseeker’s Benefit (subject to a max of 520)

  • To receive the maximum rate of payment under the ACM, you must have 2,080 contributions and credits (equivalent to 40 years). If you have less than 2,080 contributions and credits your rate will be a percentage of the maximum rate of pension.

    Aggregated Contributions Method Personal Weekly Rate Increase for Qualified Adult Aged under 66 Increase for Qualified Adult Aged 66 or over
    2,800 or over €265.30 €176.70 €237.80

    Rates of Payment:

    The maximum rate of State pension contributory is €265.30 regardless of whether you have been assessed using the Yearly Average Method, or the Aggregated Contribution Method.

  • The Yearly Average method has distinct rate bands for reduced rate awards
  • Aggregated Contributions method will be a pro rata rate depending on the number of contributions you have, where those contributions are less than 2080 contributions.

  • The department will always award the most favourable rate to you, having considered the various calculations.

    The payment comprises a personal rate and any applicable increases or allowances. Increases or allowances include:

    You can get a weekly increase for each qualified child if you get an increase for a qualified adult, or if you are parenting alone. If you do not qualify for an increase for a qualified adult, you may get a half-rate qualified child increase.

    Increases Weekly Rate Weekly Rate
    Each Qualified Child aged Under 12 years 12 years and over
    Full Rate €42.00 €50.00
    Half-Rate €21.00 €25.00
    Living Alone Increase €22.00
    Extra increase for people age 80 or over €10.00
    Increase for people living on certain offshore islands €20.00

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